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Mission Statement

The mission of IACP’s International Delegate Committee (IDC) is to increase representation of IACP members throughout the world, particularly in regions where CBT is under-represented, and to bring together CBT communities throughout the world. The IDC committee will work closely with members in different regions of the world to increase our understanding of the unique cultural context of member countries. 

IACP’s International Delegate Committee is interested in recruiting delegates from every country in the world. It is our hope that over time every country will be represented within our membership. International delegates will assist us in reaching this mission, help educate IACP members and non-members about the state of CBT in their country, and help inform us of training or other needs related to CBT within their country.  

We encourage current members to become more active in the IACP community and help us toward these goals. If you are interested in becoming an international delegate, please contact Dr. Frank Dattilio at [email protected]


Current International Delegates

Delegate Country
Héctor Fernández-Álvarez Argentina
Nikolaos Kazantzis, Ph.D. Australia
Ana Maria Serra, Ph.D Brazil
Wong Chee-Wing, Ph.D. China (Hong Kong)
Maria Clara Cuevas Colombia
Pia Callesen Denmark
Soili Kajaste, Ph.D. Finland
Firouzeh Mehran, Ph.D. France
Gregoris Simos, M.D., Ph.D. Greece
Antonella Montano Italy
Yutaka Ono, M.D. Japan
Prof. Rashed Al-Sahel, M.D. Kuwait
Arturo Heman, Ph.D. Mexico
Paul Merrick, Ph.D. New Zealand
Maria Cristina Canavarro, Ph.D Portugal
Daniel David, Ph.D. Romania
Prof. Alla Kholmogorova, Ph.D. Russia
Meshal Al Aqeel, M.D. Saudi Arabia
Peter Janjusevic Slovenia
Young Hee Choi, M.D., Ph.D., ACT South Korea
Lis Johles Sweden
Prof. Mehmet Z. Sungur, M.D.


Rohany Nasir, B.A., M.A.Ed.D.                  Malaysia