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 Online Membership Application and Renewal


If you are interested as applying as an organizational member, please contact Stefan Hofmann at [email protected] 


Who can become a member

Membership in the IACP is open, but not limited to professionals and students in disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, social work, medicine, nursing, dentistry, rehabilitation, guidance, pastoral counseling, general medical practice, counseling and education.


What benefits will I receive as a member? 

Although benefits vary according to the membership category, membership benefits for individual members are as follows:

The International Journal of Cognitive Therapy

Edited by John Riskind, the official journal of IACP offers members the opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in CBT. Members receive four issues of the IJCT each year.

Free samples of IJCT can be found here: https://www.springer.com/psychology/journal/41811. All articles or issues with the "unlocked" symbol next to them are free samples.

Representative articles, which are also free, can be found here.

Triennial International Conferences

IACP’s international conferences offer members the opportunity to meet and network with CBT therapists around the world and learn about the latest developments in CBT from our most eminent world leaders in CBT.  IACP Members receive a special registration discount for our conferences.


Members receive an online quarterly newsletter giving them cutting edge news about CBT. 

Optional Listing in the Online International Therapist Referral Directory

Members have the option to have their practices listed on our online international therapist referral directory for an additional annual fee. The online international therapist referral directory is accessed by consumers throughout the world.

Opportunities for Training

Our Speakers’ Bureau currently provides several online training services for those who are unable to travel, do not have the time or the resources to travel to conferences, lack training resources within their own country, or simply enjoy training online. At present, members can view keynote presentations from our 2011 triennial conference, audiotape talks from leading clinicians in cognitive therapy from around the world, and can arrange live online talks and consultations through IACP’s training committee. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit our speakers’ bureau.

Additional Benefits

Members receive significant discounts on IACP’s conferences (more than covering the cost membership annually if attending at least one conference), car rentals through Avis and Hertz, and book and journal discounts from select publishers, such as Elsevier, Springer, American Psychiatric Publishing, and Routledge.


What are the different types of Membership offered?

The two classes of membership are Individual - Full Voting Membership, based on the completion of the appropriate professional degree designated for practice in one's specialty and Organizational Membership.

If you would like to join or renew your membership by postal mail, click here.  If you should have any questions about joining the IACP or your current membership, please contact Keri Santiago at [email protected] 


What are the fees to join IACP? 

1 Year Membership:
$75 w/o journal
$90 w/ journal (1.2 x the rate w/o journal)
both have a $25 referral fee from the website


2 Year Membership:
$120 w/o journal
$144 w/ journal (1.2 x the rate w/o journal)
both have a $50 referral fee from the website


3 Year Membership:
$180 w/o journal
$216 w/ journal (1.2 x the rate w/o journal)
both have a $75 referral fee from the website